My Story

How Was SipkoSEO Created?

I’m Serhii Sipko. I grew up in a small Ukrainian town called Chornomorsk, where being an SEO specialist isn’t exactly the most popular way to earn money. In fact, I’m not even sure if I knew the meaning of this abbreviation back then. An SEO agency in Chornomorsk? Nope, I could hardly come up with such an idea at that point in time.

To paint a clearer picture of my upbringing, Chornomorsk is located just 30 kilometers from the biggest Ukrainian seaport of Odessa. Can you guess which career I chose? While strangers might find my story quite romantic, becoming a sailor is pretty hackneyed for people in my region. such an idea at that point in time.

This career is quite interesting. I was doing well but I didn’t feel like it was what I actually needed to be happy. You know, a life of constant sea voyages in the company of other men doesn’t seem like an ideal way for a 21 year old to spend the rest of his life. I understood that my ambitions were much higher than sailing from one port to another. So, I decided to bring about some major changes to my life.

Leaving my job and country behind wasn’t the easiest decision to make. Nevertheless, I decided to take this step and jump into something completely new, something that needs time to learn, and something that would finally make me happy! I moved to Australia and decided to establish my own business here. In the beginning, I felt really energized because I was eager to start something new. However, enthusiasm isn’t the only thing a man of 21 needs to start moving ahead. I needed an idea.

I’m a lucky person because, in addition to a strong desire to do something new, I had the right people around to support my journey. I’m extremely grateful to my friends Nadia Hughes and Ariel Warren! Without these two people I wouldn’t know how to start the Sipko SEO agency, how to operate it, and how to reach the results that would satisfy my ambitions. That’s why I believe that they both deserve to be included in my story.

Nadia has her own accounting business –Unfair Advantage Accounting. In addition to this, She is a real professional in financial planning. Her assistance was incredibly important and helpful during the start of my agency, so I will be grateful to her for the rest of my life!

Ariel is the man who helped me with the idea for my business. He has his own – Paddle Ads, which has been helping businesses to scale for many years. I believe that his advertising services are some of the best in Australia. I’m sure that with strong and committed cooperation, our agencies will help your business attract new customers, increase sales, and boost earnings in no time!