A SEO-audit is a comprehensive assessment of your website that identifies ways to improve its code quality, content quality, user experience, technical functionality and more.

The point of the audit is to understand how your website functions from a technical point of view. It helps to identify areas that can be improved upon to ensure that your website achieves its desired results.

How do SEO Audits Create Business Growth?

SEO audits foster growth in various ways. Here are just six on how technical SEO audits can help you grow your business:

Increases your online visibility

One definite benefit of a SEO audit is that it helps to increase your online visibility, bringing you much closer to achieving your business goals. You can do this by increasing the presence of site loading and quality, original content as well as the number of inbound links and keywords.

A website that combines great content with SEO will naturally bring greater, sustained interest to your site.

An effective website that provides the information that your target audience needs is exactly the kind of website that attracts greater traffic, improving your online visibility. This is extremely important when it comes to capturing your target audience’s attention.

Helps you reach the right audience

Evaluating the technical aspects of your website can also help reach the audience your business really needs by ensuring that it’s accessible to all visitors, regardless of their location or device. This will help you reach a much larger audience, which in turn will improve your conversion rate.

It is worth remembering the unwritten, but one of the key rules behind the success of your website is that the more accessible and user-friendly your site is, the easier it will be for the right people to find the information they are looking for. This is what helps them seamlessly achieve the desired results.

A comprehensive and well-executed website audit will help you identify opportunities to improve the accessibility of your website and make it more user-friendly. The increased visitors as a result of these changes will provide an even greater opportunity for successful conversion, which leads to an increase in the number of your potential customers.

Brings qualified leads to your website

A technical audit helps you drive more qualified leads to your site by improving its overall performance. Higher performance can lead to higher search engine rankings, which in turn will drive more targeted traffic to your site.

A high-performing website that attracts more targeted visitors is a website that generates more leads. Higher search engine positions will also help your website stay at the top of search results longer, which will increase traffic over time and more leads for your business.

Improves brand awareness

Another benefit of conducting a full SEO audit is that it helps to increase your brand awareness.

This is often the result of improving the performance of your website as well as other aspects of it, such as content.

This will help you reach a larger audience and give you more authority in your industry, allowing you to compete more effectively. Ultimately, this brings more leads and sales. Visitors who find your site are more likely to remember you and the brand you represent, leading to more positive recommendations and successful sales in the future.

Increases trust and visibility

A technical SEO analysis also helps to increase your business’s credibility and visibility. The principle is simple – your website will only earn more trust when it works well, when it works for people. When potential customers search for information about your company, your website is usually the first thing they see.

Websites that are poorly designed or inconvenient to use often lack such banal things as navigation bars and fail to attract new visitors. In many cases, this causes customers to distrust your brand and deters them from wanting to do business with you. A good website audit helps to identify opportunities to develop and improve the overall performance of your website, thereby increasing trust and visibility with your target audience.

Helps you beat the competition

Conducting a comprehensive SEO audit will also help you beat the competition.

One of the main reasons behind SEO’s success is that it is based on the principles of competition. Each participant of this “race” has its own website and niche in the market.

When you conduct a detailed SEO audit, you can identify these areas to improve and increase your search engine rankings. You can also find open areas to improve your website and increase its search ranking by soberly evaluating its effectiveness.

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– A review of site’s current usability and SEO
– Recommendations around HTML tags, including meta descriptions, H1 recommendations, title tag length etc.
– Keyword suggestions and density issues
– Internal link review and suggestions for improvement
– Audit of page load speed and response times
– Page Speed Tests
– Backlink scoring and removal suggestions where necessary

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$ 749 (10 DAYS)

– Technical Audit: website design, structure, header & footer, indexing, redirects, broken links and related issues etc.
– Standard SEO Audit: on-page & Off-page SEO Audit
– Content Audit: includes 5 of your most important pages such as homepage, categories, products or blog posts.
– SEO improvement strategies for issues in the audit report.

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$ 1495 (15 DAYS)

– Includes Standard Package audit. This package includes Standard Package audits.
– Competitors’ Analysis: we offer general analysis for up to 2 competitors.
– Data Analysis: complete data analysis for your website. Please note we require GA and search console access in order to perform data analysis.

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