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Local Website Promotion in Melbourne

Local SEO Melbourne

Local Website Promotion in Your Area

This promotional offer is suited to companies focused on attracting clients from nearby cities. The site can be promoted to the first page of Google across Australia or in specific regions/cities. The second option is suited to businesses with customers from specific regions.

It takes at least two months to reach the first page of Google through website promotion (depending on the settlement size and the strength of competitors).

Melbourne SEO Services



Who needs local SEO?

If you are the owner of a local car wash with
clients from the area, you need to target
the region rather than focusing on broader Australia.
Conversely, it makes sense to promote
a bridal store beyond the local region
because its clientele is more likely to travel
in order to find the perfect dress for their special day.
If the site does not yet exist, we will:
  • Conduct a full audit of the site
  • Fix all bugs and improve functionality
  • Translate your site into WordPress if necessary
  • Check all links on the site
  • Add content to landing pages
  • Perform internal and external optimization
  • Launch AdWords advertising
  • Regularly monitor performance
If the site already exists, we will:
  • Choosing the best hosting
  • We will create a site taking into account the requirements of search engines
  • Place pages and fill with content
  • Adaptation to mobile devices is already included
  • We use the most popular CMS WordPress
  • We will carry out internal and external optimization
  • Additionally, we will launch AdWords advertising
  • Regularly monitor performance

How do our services work?

Sending an application

You leave a request for the creation/promotion of your site

Specify the details

Specialists will contact you to clarify the details of the required services

We conduct an audit

We study the site and offer an individual SEO solution

We promote to the TOP

We carry out complex website optimization using proven methods

Save the result

We work to uphold your website's position on Google and maintain stable traffic flow

Frequently asked questions

We do SEO ourselves, why would we need an agency's services?

If the company is on its own, its employee is on staff, or even if the “son of a mother’s friend” promotes a corporate website, this will not lead to anything good. A competent SEO specialist will not work for one project. An incompetent employee, at best, will be engaged in misuse, at worst, the site will be under the sanctions of search engines. Each topic has its own rules of the game, its own methods of promotion, and if you do not constantly engage in SEO, then it is simply impossible to successfully promote the site.

Why do you need Seo if there is contextual advertising

The cost of advertising can be incredibly burdensome for businesses looking to increase their reach and sales. The pandemic has only exacerbated this reality as costs per click have increased 50 times in certain areas.

The expense of advertising has squeezed small businesses out of the market, allowing larger companies to benefit from the loss of competition. These high costs and the fact that advertising cannot improve the quality of your website highlight the necessity of SEO as a tool for your business.

My website is already at the top, why do I need SEO?

Your site’s current position isn’t promised and without proper maintenance, it can be lost easily. We have seen numerous examples of negligence and complacency causing the downfall of sites that were once successful. Refusing to take the necessary steps to protect your position gives your competition an edge over your business.

How long does it take to see results?

Results depend on the individual’s needs and the size of the project as no two businesses are exactly identical. For larger cities with greater competition, results will be visible in 4-7 months and for local promotion, 1-2 months. Deadlines can be delayed for sites that target the whole country. Website promotion has a cumulative effect that doesn’t immediately show on search engines, hence the stretching of deadlines.

What is included in website promotion?

technical optimization of the site
change or refinement of the CMS, and, if necessary, the creation of a site from scratch
expansion of the semantic core
writing commercial and informational texts
link building
drop domains
usability improvement
assistance in setting up contextual advertising
Our goal is to bring our clients to the TOP, so we evaluate each site individually and comprehensively.